• Do I have enough money to retire?
  • How do I endow my philanthropic organization?
  • Do I really need life insurance?
  • What’s the best way to provide for my children in my will?
  • How do I reward my employees without breaking the bank?
  • How should I save for my children’s college?

Wealth brings extraordinary opportunities, as well as increased complexity. The all too familiar challenge of how to build a bridge between your financial needs of today and your dreams for tomorrow raises important questions: What are my financial goals? How can I avoid running out of money in retirement? What amount of risk is right for me? Is there a way to minimize my taxes? Who can I turn to for sound advice?

Your needs, the financial landscape and market conditions are constantly changing. A thoughtfully designed financial plan can be essential to ensuring that you can enjoy your life now while planning for the future – for yourself and for the people, organizations and activities that are important to you.

Whether your needs include estate, business, tax planning, investments, or fringe benefit planning, your team at Kientz, Tipton & Breazeale, LLC are here to provide you with the information you need to make good choices about your financial future.

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